Forword to the book from Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD.

Professor Lipton was a teacher in the medical schools of Wisconsin and Stamford universities until his own researches, epigenetics and quantum biophysics made it absolutely plain to him that that which he was being paid to instil into medical students was, scientifically speaking, complete nonsense.

Prof Lipton is a highly recognised world teacher who has devoted his life to the task of making the truth about genetics, the causes of illness and the myth of infectious disease available to all.

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Prof. Lipton's forward is reproduced in full in the book itself.


A New View of the Flu

Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD

Mass consciousness is still imbued with the idea that genes control the character of our lives, in spite of the results of the Human Genome Project that completely undermine the long held concept of genetic determinism. Before the genome project was underway, science had concluded that it would require, at the absolute minimum, 150 thousand genes to create a human being. (At the time of this writing, this number has risen to more than 214,000!)

A cosmic joke was revealed when the project concluded that humans only have about 22 thousand genes…..The paucity of human genes is testament to the fact that these hereditary units, alone, cannot account for the mind-boggling complexity of human beings.

Over forty years ago, my research demonstrated that the environment controlled the fate of cloned stem cells, ……..

…….. Epigenetics is the study of how the environment, and more specifically, our perception of the environment, directly controls genetic activity. Perceptions, in conjunction with epigenetic mechanisms, are so powerful in controlling gene activity, that they can generate over 30,000 different protein products from the same gene. Essentially we have an unlimited opportunity to rewrite and fine tune our genetic expression.…….

……. The conventional medical model infers that flu and other infectious diseases are simply a consequence of mechanical insufficiencies on the part of our vulnerable biochemical bodies. Hence the need to stem the disease with manufactured antigen-containing vaccines, an intervention to goad the body’s immune system into action so as to stem the infection. Our fear of pandemics is based upon the belief that we are again “victims,” this time to infectious agents that indiscriminately breach the immune defenses of human beings.

However, the new epigenetic science wherein perceptions control genetic activity indicates that diseases are not necessarily genetically-based or due to an inherent frailty of the human body. Between 1347 and 1351, the Black Death, the deadliest known epidemic in history, killed an estimated 75 million people, including more than one-third of the European population. The disease is thought to have been carried by an Ebola-like virus that caused massive hemorrhaging. The pools of extravasated blood created massive black and blue patches that “blackened” the skin. The toll was so high during its height in the 1300s that many medical historians have concluded that anyone and everyone who came into contact with the Black Death’s infective agent was doomed.

However, it turns out that most of the plague victims were already sick before they were exposed to the virus. Recent analyses of skeletons from exhumed plague victims shows that the vast majority of fatalities were those of people who were already physically compromised …… The significance is that the plague, as well as today’s flu and other infectious diseases, are not, of themselves, the problem.

Recent insights into the nature of stress, specifically concerning causative issues that compromise an organism’s physiology and behavior, reveal why we are so susceptible to infectious diseases.  It is now recognized that stress hormones inhibit the function of the immune system.  This is a regulatory mechanism the body employs to conserve energy reserves in order to deal with the perceived source of the stress.

Simply, if you had a bad bacterial infection that was causing diarrhea and you were also being “stressed” by a stalking sabertoothed tiger, how much energy would you allocate for fighting the infection and how much for escaping from the tiger? Clearly, any energy directed toward managing the bacterial infection would compromise your chances of escaping from the voracious predator. 

Evolution inevitably led to the situation that when adrenal stress hormones are released into the blood, they prepare the body for fight-or-flight behavior while suppressing the function if the immune system to conserve energy. ….

…….The problem: a blood analysis reveals that almost all humans possess invasive bacteria, viruses and parasites in their bodies, even though they are outwardly healthy ….….. While many of these disease agents are life threatening, in a healthy body they are kept in check by an active immune system. 

When an individual is stressed and their life is compromised by physical factors such as poor nutrition or behavioral/emotional factors such as a response to fear, their adrenal stress hormones will inhibit their immune systems, which in turn, releases the check on the invasive opportunistic organisms. In the absence of a controlling immune system, these organisms are free to wreak havoc in the body. 

It should be emphasized that human civilization has successfully survived on this planet for over a million years before modern medicine arrived on the scene. ….

….. the “fear” derived from the media’s threats of an impeding pandemic is itself enough stress to compromise the immune systems and lives of formerly healthy patients…….

……. Toward this end, Karma Singh has offered an important alternative to the fear-provoking stories of an impending global flu pandemic.  Aptly described as a “Think About it Book,” Karma Singh’s The Flu Fairy Tale: What it really is and what to do about it and similar things offers the reader an opportunity to regain their personal power and experience a healthy and happy existence. Enjoy!

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.



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