The Flu Fairy Tale - the Book

Over the last few years it has become daily more apparent that there are serious inaccuracies in conventional medical theories and, especially, in the concepts of infectious disease. Right now we are being told for the umpteenth time in the last 60 years that a global pandemic is about to descend upon humanity. You have probably noticed yourself that none of these has ever actually happened.

Why do we keep believing it?

Is it just for want of a more coherent, scientific explanation which covers all the facts and actually makes sense?

This is it.

In this book, Karma Singh reveals the results of his studies into 'Flu, the facts, the fiction, the reality, the fantasies, the truth and the misinformation.

Based upon the realistic assessment of what this problem really is, Karma Singh has also recommended courses of action which anyone can apply at almost no cost and which should reduce personal risk to a virtual zero.

Is a 'Flu pandemic a myth or a monster?

The truth is that it is a little bit of both.

The problem besetting most people is that they do not, themselves, have the knowledge to know when they are being told a fairy tale and when they are being given real facts, i.e. ALL the facts.

To this must also be added the "facts" which appear in the press which are, in fact, not facts at all but, at best, pure, uninformed speculation masquerading as facts.

In short, what we have is a mish-mash consisting of the following:-

Truth about 13%

"Deselected" facts about 78%

Speculation about 30%

Downright lies about 10%

Oops; there seems to be more than 100% there!

This is actually symptomatic of the whole hoohurrah, i.e. there is a lot less here than meets the eye.

The book "The Flu Fairy Tale" contains a detailed explanation of the nature of the problem together with several realistic and workable solutions which can be applied by virtually anyone, each costing little or nothing. The package also contains a 30 MB download MP3 file of auditory tools which anyone can use to improve their health and happiness.

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