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Karma Singh is one of the best known of the English healers, teachers and researchers. He has written and published more than 40 books and hand books about natural health and self-development in two languages.

His journey of discovery in this area began in the 1960’s as much discussion in the English press about whether healing was real or not took place. After more than 15 years research and experience Karma Singh’s life was “turned upon its head” and his hobby became his profession. More than a quarter of a century later Karma Singh is still upon his journey to discover ever more about true physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, political and even financial health and to make this available to everyone.

Nowadays, Karma Singh is a world traveller and regularly works in 7 countries on two different continents.

You will, of course, remember that it was in 2009 that a ‘flu pandemic was called; a pandemic that never happened. During the hoohoorah some amusing statistics were released by the Koch Institute in Germany (one of the pharmaceutical controlled organisations promoting the pandemic panic in order to sell vaccines). According to them, more people died as a result of the swine ‘flu than ever became ill with it!
If one takes a longer view and compares that Winter with those preceding it one sees that there were no exceptional numbers either of reported cases nor ‘flu related deaths.

During the attempts by the press** controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel to create mass panic Karma Singh was twice called into a television studio in Germany.

On the first occasion it was to film an interview with him about the so called pandemic. This film (sorry, only in German) can be seen here.

A little later he was called in again to join in a discussion with a family doctor and a nurse; again, of course, only in the german language. As, in 2009, there was a 10 minute upload limit per video, this is in five parts which can be viewed in sequence at the bottom of this webpage.


** Not only large parts of the press industry itself but even both of the international press agencies – Reuters and UP – have been bought out by the principal owner of the pharmaceutical industry. It should, therefore, be no surprise at all that the pharmaceutical industry receives only praise in the major press. All in all, it has become little more than a dependant of the marketing department of the pharmaceutical conglomerate.

To discover the truth, one is forced to research the matter oneself.


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